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Mission: Partnerships – Alignment of Talent, Culture and Tech Allow Banks To Do the Impossible

Travillian Next hosted a live webinar where we discussed critical issues facing community banks and credit unions.
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Texas Bankers Association Digitizes With True Digital

TBA is working with True Digital, a digital banking marketplace, to fill technology voids within community banking.
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Engineer of Finance Podcast with Ken Greene

Ken Greene features Patrick Sells, to discuss debt leveraging and the importance of innovating within legal and regulatory constraints.
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True Digital to Collaborate with Texas Bankers Association

The True Digital Platform amplifies TBA’s Community Bank Innovation Magnet program.
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Industry Leaders Forum: Budgeting Tactics and Strategies

Finopotamus has assembled a panel of experts in a recurring series, The Industry Leaders Forum (ILF).
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Interagency Guidance on Third-Party Relationships: Risk Management

At True Digital, we look forward to supporting banks’ third-party risk management processes through the tools available on our Platform.
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