Valley Bank Partners with True Digital to Drive Collaborative Innovation in the Banking Industry

True Digital
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AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--True Digital Group, a network of banks and credit unions that facilitates the nation's largest banker verified vendor database, today announced an exciting partnership with Valley Bank. Its flagship product, the True Digital Platform, allows banks to discover new vendors, manage their vendor relationships, due diligence and monitor vendors, and connect with their peers across the industry.

“Valley Bank understands the meaningful capabilities of the True Digital Network and its impact within the banking industry,” said Patrick Sells, Co-founder of True Digital. “Every node within this network holds inherent value, spanning from community banks to regional financial institutions, regardless of size. “Further, Valley Bank is not only dedicated to actively engaging as a member of this network but also the importance of the value created for all members when other financial institutions join.”

Valley Bank and True Digital both share the mission of ensuring that the community banking industry continues to thrive with a focus on transformation. Recognizing its responsibility as a leader in the industry, Valley Bank has committed to providing 100 memberships for community banks on the True Digital Platform. This proactive investment demonstrates Valley Bank’s dedication to creating an equitable environment for banks to continue to drive success in their communities while also ensuring all members, now and to come, benefit from the greater scale of more banks participating in the network.

“Joining the True Digital network is not just an opportunity for Valley Bank, but an alignment to fortify the collective strength of community banks, regional financial institutions, and the communities they serve,” said Stuart Cook, Chief Innovation Officer at Valley Bank. “By expanding these spheres of connection, we’re championing innovation, knowledge sharing, and a dynamic future for the banking industry.”

Wendell Bontrager Co-founder and President at Sonata Bank emphasized the importance of collaboration in driving meaningful change. “As a smaller tech-forward bank, I applaud Valley Bank’s generous efforts,” he said. “When one bank wins, we all win. And it’s solutions like the True Digital Platform that allows us to compete on a level playing field in selecting and using best-of-breed resources.”

True Digital continues to demonstrate its unwavering dedication to driving positive change in the banking sector. Valley Bank's participation in this initiative further strengthens the network's reach and impact, creating a brighter future for the banking industry as a whole.

Note: This information was originally shared via a Business Wire press release.