Finding the Droids You're Looking For - True Digital Partners with Alloy Labs

True Digital
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We are thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership between True Digital and Alloy Labs. True Digital solves a problem we’ve been searching for a solution to and our members have been clamoring for. It is one of the fastest growing partnerships we’ve done to date.

Many of our conversations with banks begin with the question “which vendor should I choose?”  Finding the right partner is often a daunting and time-consuming process; unfortunately, picking the right vendor is not the silver bullet for success. The search and evaluation process is very necessary, but leaves little energy for the more strategic steps of understanding the underlying problem to be solved and supporting post implementation work to capture ROI.

The rapidly evolving technology market only exacerbates this problem, as data on capabilities and integrations quickly becomes outdated. Even after implementation, monitoring and managing vendors can be a resource-intensive task with limited strategic value.

True Digital dramatically reduces the time and cost to find, vet, and prioritize the right potential partners. Their platform also finds the non-obvious choices, or ones that may have previously been eliminated due to no known integrations with key players. Co-founder Patrick, a former Alloy Labs member and American Banker's Digital Banker of the Year, knows this problem well. It’s something we talked about repeatedly over the past few years, and something he experienced first hand during his time at Quontic Bank.

True Digital allows banks to invest their energy into strategic rather than commodity activities because of the power of the platform.

One reason we are particularly excited about our partnership with True Digital is the shared philosophy of serving banks and keeping their financial interest at top of mind. This is a neutral platform built for banks solves a fundamental problem that every bank has. It doesn’t tell the bank who the perfect vendor is for them because that will vary bank by bank, but it short circuits the effort needed to find and monitor the partners.

Samer on our team summed it up perfectly:

“Thank god True Digital built this or I’m afraid we would need to do it ourselves.”