Mission: Partnerships – Alignment of Talent, Culture and Tech Allow Banks To Do the Impossible

True Digital
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On July 19, Travillian Next hosted a live webinar where we discussed critical issues facing community banks and credit unions, including fintech partnerships, vendor optimization, risk vs innovation, and building a culture of growth mindset and talent. Travillian's Brian Love, Head of Banking & Fintech Search, and Keith Daly, Principal – Banking & Fintech Search, spoke with some of the brightest minds and experts in the industry for this dynamic chat.

Watch the webinar on YouTube here.


Patrick Sells – Co-Founder True Digital

Matthew Smith – Chief Digital Banking Officer; Head of Enterprise Product, Marketing, & Transformation at Webster Bank ($75B in Assets)

Danielle Doyle – Chief Innovation Officer at Atlantic Union Bank ($20B in Assets)

Kari Rappe – Chief Information Officer at Prevail Bank ($1B in Assets)

Video Index:

01:43 | Background from Panelists / What are you working on now?

14:47 | Vendors and Vendor Optimization

26:59 | Risk & Compliance

29:32 | Culture of Innovation

52:10 | Talent

1:03:53 | Conclusion

Note: This information was originally shared via Travillian on YouTube.