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Bankadelic: A Thought Leaders Quest to Bring Order and Heart to Banking

Patrick Sells joins Bankadelic: The colorful side of finance podcast to discuss his journey with True Digital.
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Valley Bank Partners with True Digital to Drive Collaborative Innovation in the Banking Industry

Valley Bank and True Digital announced an exciting partnership, as they both share the mission of ensuring that the community banking industry continues to thrive with a focus on transformation.
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BIG Podcast: Fintech - Hotter than the Headlines

Patrick Sells joined the BIGcast the Fintech podcast to shed light on our collaborative vendor optimization platform.
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Driving Transformation in the Financial Services Industry

Patrick shared his insights on how the FinTech industry has evolved over the years, his career trajectory, what sets True Digital apart from other market competitors.
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The Hidden Costs of Innovation by Patrick Sells

By equipping bankers with the right data about tech vendors, thousands of hours’ worth of effort and expense could be redeployed more productively.
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