August 8, 2023

BIG Podcast: Fintech - Hotter than the Headlines

Patrick Sells joined the BIGcast the Fintech podcast to shed light on our collaborative vendor optimization platform.

Glen Sarvady talks with Finovate’s Greg Palmer about the bumper crop of 60+ fintechs demoing at its September event despite widespread reports of a “funding freeze.” Patrick Sells, CEO/Co-Founder of True Digital (one of the presenting companies) joins to shed light on its collaborative vendor optimization platform. Also, reaction to the CUNA/NAFCU merger.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Links related to this episode:

Finovate Fall, Sept 11-13 in New York City: https://informaconnect.com/finovatefall/  USE CODE BIG20 for a special BIGCast discount

True Digital:  https://truedigitalgroup.com/ Patrick Sells’ recent article about the hidden costs of innovation: https://www.bai.org/banking-strategies/the-hidden-costs-of-innovation/

CUNA’s resource page for its merger with NAFCU: https://www.cuna.org/about/cuna-and-nafcu-merger.html

Chip Filson’s thoughts on the CUNA/NAFCU merger: https://chipfilson.com/2023/08/an-initial-reaction-to-the-nafcu-cuna-merger/  

Note: This information was originally shared via BIG (Best Innovation Group).